Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Canberra Montessori School.

The very first time you enter Canberra Montessori School I am confident you will feel the warmth of our school community, the dedication of staff, and the joy our students exhibit when they run into the school grounds.

The Montessori approach to education provides an extraordinary opportunity for young people to develop to their full potential in a positive, supportive environment encouraging independence, enquiry and freedom to grow. Our whole school reflects the ideals set in our classrooms ­ we value high standards, sharing of knowledge, perpetual education, individuality and community spirit and respect. Collaborative relationships with parents are critical, and together we create a community centred on ensuring Montessori schooling fulfils its role as a recognised leader in individualised learning.

Having commenced my own Montessori journey as Principal in 2014, my task as a school leader has been to look at what the school already had in place to build upon, and what I could bring into the school to enhance the amazing achievements thus far. Part of this process was to engage in the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) Committed to Excellence program by commissioning a National School Improvement Tool review in 2016. This review is designed to plot a school’s current position against international effective practice and to plan a focussed approach to school improvement appropriate to the context of each school. A summary of the results of this review can be viewed here.

As a collegial team, we are committed to ensuring we develop the natural instinct for the exploration and acquisition of knowledge in our students, enabling a lifelong love of continuous learning. As is readily acknowledged in the Montessori community, these skills and instincts build confidence in our children through opportunities for applied initiative, innovative thinking, creative problem solving and independence. All these qualities are required and often lamented as missing, in the modern workforce. I would be delighted to share with you the demonstrable joy our children have for our thriving school, and for learning. Please join me and experience what we have to offer on our compelling journey towards making our Montessori… ‘simply the best for each child’.

Anthony Vandermolen