Message from the Principal

Dear school community,

We have invested heavily in the culture of our school in the last few years, acknowledging a strong and healthy relationship amongst our collegial team correlates directly to school effectiveness. There is much research to support collegiality playing a vital role in professional growth, professional commitment and job satisfaction, leading to enhanced school quality and student performance.

As a collegial team, we have focused on collaboration and building capacity through structured professional learning. Our ‘Student Free Days’ at the commencement of the year centred around building relationships with the community through ‘Transparent Classroom’ ( and enhancing how we evidence the personalised learning journey of our students. Additionally, staff built on our cohesiveness, with a direct focus on wellbeing through ‘Exhale People’ (

The journey together over these days was consolidated at ‘Delta Force Paintball’ ( where, despite some initial apprehension, our staff team enjoyed a great morning of laughs and strategy, as we built on our relationships outside the school context.

“It was really good to be pushed out of my comfort zone and
discover aspects of myself I didn’t know were there!”

“I really enjoyed it but I wouldn’t do it again!”

“I enjoyed the time not being shot every bit as much as the times I was being shot!”
As the Principal of the school, I couldn’t be happier with the journey our school has made to enhance relationships through collegial practices, and acknowledgement of the incredible commitment each member of our team makes to ensuring the best possible learning opportunities for our children. In an era of strategic change and continuous improvement, I hope the journey our school has been on, and the outcomes of our strategic improvement agenda, is becoming more and more palpable, as we work together to ensure our Montessori is … ‘simply the best for every child’.


Anthony Vandermolen
Principal, CMS