Message From the Principal

CMS Re-Registration

Recently, our CMS has been engaged with leadership representatives from various areas of education (State, Independent and Government) as a dimension of our school re-registration process. This has provided us with the opportunity to update school based information and systems, along with ensuring clarity around the mapping of Montessori Curriculum to the Australian Curriculum. As a School we are responsible for ensuring the expectations of what all Australian students should be taught, are in fact covered within the parameters of our own curriculum. This includes our capacity to report against consistent standards.

Student Reports

Our School community will be aware of the changes to our reporting over the last 12 months, as we work to refine and ensure clarity to the measures used to define student outcomes. This is an ongoing process and your feedback on our School Reports, soon to be delivered, would be very beneficial and much appreciated if forwarded to

Technology and Montessori

With curriculum in mind, our engagement with Technology has been identified as a key issue, as the absence of technology in school can, arguably, cause a disconnect between life outside the classroom and the learning taking place within a classroom.

As the Principal of a Montessori School, I believe we encourage a number of identifiable qualities in our students including: creativity, effective communication, the ability to think critically, a capacity to solve problems with creative solutions, working collaboratively, and the ability to demonstrate both initiative and innovation. Our practices in a Montessori environment ensure our students are active participants in their own learning. With this in mind, and our rapidly advancing technological world, I believe the introduction of technology can be achieved without putting digital items, such as an iPad, in front of a child for the duration of their school day.

Our engagement with technology thus far has been purposeful and directly related to enhancing key learning. For example, Mr Tom engages students with an iPad to augment their learning of the guitar, by presenting patterns and chords to build their knowledge and skill. We also have students engaging with 3D printing software to achieve particular learning outcomes, and using computers to engage with research and present information. A new addition in Term 3 will be the Robotics Club, outside school hours, to develop digital awareness in the area of Coding.

Through the Technology aspects of our program we are able to directly showcase how students are able to think critically, demonstrate intellectual agility, take initiative, communicate through different modes and engage with digital activities, . It is through this flexible approach to technology that we are able to ensure the qualities of our curriculum and the effectiveness of Montessori materials are maintained.  If you have any queries or suggestions in relation to our engagement with technology, please forward these to

As this is the last newsletter before the holiday break, I wish everyone the opportunity to spend extended quality time with loved ones and to bring our children back to school with their great big smiles and the joy for learning we all appreciate.

Anthony Vandermolen