End of year action for CMS Staff

Directors are all working away at end of year preparation. The End of Year Extravaganza gathering of families to see the children perform will take place on Friday 4th November from 5:30 to 7:00pm with Judy McGowan sending reminders in the ‘What’s On’ for the next few weeks. Elizabeth Piazza, one of our Cycle 3 Directors, is co coordinating the event with support from Tom Ransom who is guiding the music delivery with Cycle 2 and 3 children.

As well as working on the fun activities the staff have been busy with conducting Action Research on Spelling. Researching and reading current research on spelling and what makes a good speller, the Directors are having in-depth discussion on current practice and collecting writing samples. It is a great way to finish a year with deep reflective analysis on what we do and the improvements made.

Dilani Richard is doing a wonderful job with the end of year and indeed end of an era celebrations as Red Gum moves over to Holder. New furniture and materials are being selected and ordered for the classroom. The beautiful legacy of carefully selected Practical Life materials with magnificent matching aprons so carefully stitched by past parents and friends all have a place in the new environment. Staff are so happy to join together as we unite in Montessori practice and ideals.

Best wishes to all in the last few weeks of school,

Áine Barker
Director – School Administration