From Director of School Administration

Dear CMS Community,

What a happy time of year it is as we ramp up activity with the wrap up of events. Tom Ransom is organising the End of Year Extravaganza, keeping the Directors on track with practise of the child led performances. It will be a lovely event as always and for the first time not subject to weather constraints as Saint Judes’ Primary School next door are generous in permitting use of their hall.

We are not quite in reflective mode (but getting there!) as present thinking centres around what we need to do ‘here and now’. The Directors have finished the Student Reports and are in the process of peer review. Sharing Report writing, while providing input into other Directors’ evidence through the review process, is valuable not just as professional learning, but also brings staff closer together through this collegial process.

Exit Interviews are being conducted over the next weeks. Feedback is appreciated as many ideas are shared to support student retention. The reasons behind family decisions to move to other primary schools are varied, but the one thing identified in every interview is that staff are warm, friendly and caring. This goes hand in hand with the role of the Montessori educator to respect the child. I feel respect can be demonstrated in many ways, but the manifestation of deep respect for the child is evident from the personalised greeting first thing in the morning to the way in which we manage support in child to child negotiations.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the End of Year Extravaganza.

Áine Barker
Director School Administration