From Director of School Administration

Dear CMS Community,


Thank you for all the wonderful spontaneous feedback members of the community emailed on the day of the staffing announcement last week. It was encouraging for ‘reception’ to receive so many messages of congratulations to Tom Ransom on his future appointment as the Cycle 3 Director next year and beyond.  I think Tom’s beautiful introduction letter delivered to his future class spurred on the positive feedback, as a flavour of Tom’s approach to guiding our children was seen.  Though the letter was addressed specifically to his class of 2017 and beyond, Tom has agreed to share his message with the whole community.

The year has been fun and a steep learning curve for me as I was confronted with so many different perspectives on how to communicate change. I learnt some valuable lessons: the context is really important, meaning mention history and process before describing improvements that are to be made; give clues that staff are discussing improvement before the decision is finalised… We will keep changing in order to improve and will do our best to get the communication to resonate with all personality types.

Many of you know of my past experiences opening schools in China, Saudi Arabia and Bali as well as working in schools in USA and Ireland. While Montessori suggested we prepare the children to understand the times in which they live, there are elements of Montessori in the Australian context that are different to other continents and do not quite fit with Montessori’s teachings.  Anthony and I are very keen to attend the Montessori Congress in Prague next year to converse and discuss the nitty gritty of enrolment process and transitions in Europe and the wider world.

One cannot get to the end of a year without looking around at all achieved and noticing how every positive move forward is inextricably linked to people, always people. I thank parents for the constant support and feedback; our teaching staff for the wonderful care and commitment to the children and the community; the children, for without them we would not be here and the office and support staff for making the cogs turn in the engine of administration. Oh yes, and the Principal. Do we remember to thank him? The Principal who occasionally stands centre stage, but generally sits in the shadows while making the whole school operate peacefully. Thank you Anthony.

Wishing those on break a great holiday and to those who continue to hold the fort, we welcome your children to Gumnut Holiday program!


Áine Barker
Director School Administration