From Director of School Administration

Dear CMS Community,

As mentioned in the last bulletin, we were fortunate to welcome Polli Soholt from USA for two weeks this Term. Polli, an experienced Montessori Director and Montessori trainer, provided an opportunity for our Cycle 1 Directors to spend time with her to discuss best practice daily routines.

Polli also facilitated a workshop for the teaching staff on Saturday which was on the subject of Practical Life for the older children in Cycle 1. Staff were delighted to have the expertise of a Montessori trainer to guide and support. Polli was very positive about the classrooms’ lay out and considered outside environment.

It was not just about staff. CMS also managed to host Polli for two parent education mornings. The events were well attended with about twenty people at each talk. One of our parents Anna Brittle (children in Cycle 1) wrote a summary for those of you who missed the workshop.

“A number of parents embraced the opportunity to hear Polli Soholt, a visiting AMI consultant, speak on Friday 13 May.  The interactive session explored how Montessori principles apply to the home environment, with a particular emphasis on toddlers and Cycle 1 children.

Polli’s session mainly focused on independence and she discussed a number of practical strategies parents could adopt to assist their child’s development in this area.  Involving children in food preparation, establishing a child-friendly snack station, and setting up an effective toilet learning system were some of the strategies explored.

Her advice extended beyond the home environment, with Polli also outlining several ways to help develop a child’s independence in the public domain.  For example, parents could encourage their child to: place their own orders at a cafe/restaurant; announce their arrival for an appointment at the doctor/dentist; and assist with the grocery shopping.

Polli welcomed questions from parents, and many left her session with valuable advice on how to tackle specific challenges.” 

The move to the new classrooms was a mammoth task undertaken with such a great spirit of collegiality from staff. The Open Day on Sunday helped to propel the school into fast action as parents from Red Gum got involved in the move on Friday afternoon. Thank you to all who contributed to all the details. Victor Micallef moved mountains, while Eileen Savage gave up her time in retirement to support Rhoda Konstantinou and Dilani Richard in their tireless task. The Karri children were active at the end of the week taking ownership of the environment as they too moved the entire classroom. Gumnut moved back home to the demountable and everyone is happy and appreciative of the new improved surrounds.

New classrooms at for Karri and Red Gum.

New classrooms at for Karri and Red Gum.

Karri has a few improvements with quick access to the Jacaranda kitchen, under slab heating and just generally being more of a part of the school. If you pass through the Casuarina Grove you are likely to see our older children in little groups doing work or having presentations from Directors. If you have not been down to see the classroom, pop by and have a look in. If after school, you can see Jenna Cunningham and Elizabeth Piazza who will invite you to take a look around the carefully prepared classroom.

Picture of the rooms

Áine Barker
Director – School Administration