From Director – School Administration

Dear CMS Community,

We have got off to a great start as there is a seamless flow on into the afternoons with three year olds now staying for the whole school day. From the perspective of playground activity, some of us we were expecting the three year olds to perhaps group together or head to the sandpit for quiet play. It has been wonderful to observe the three year olds getting into everything from slide to sand and lots of running around in between! What a pleasure to watch to a fully developed multi aged group of children functioning throughout the day as Dr Maria Montessori recommended.

The classrooms have settled into routines and new children are getting used to the school and our community. We hope all new families are feeling a part of all we have to offer beyond an education for your child. Our staff are on the school committees this year so may tap you on the shoulder to come and join in, if you are still feeling a little new to the environment.

Directors and administration are getting into the rhythm of doing observations both within the school and further afield in other Montessori schools. One always returns with some fresh ideas or just a feeling that we are all part of a philosophy that brings peace within the classroom community. Not that we are always peaceful of course; our job as trained Montessori practictioners is to engage the children with the materials in the environment and unblock the obstacles children are confronted with from time to time. Not a day goes by when we don’t learn something from your children. For this we are grateful.


Áine Barker
Director School Administration