From Director School Administration

Dear CMS Community,

The Term has been busy and beautifully peaceful. Staff absence is very low and a credit to a fresh and happy start to the year.

Louise Draper, one of our Cycle 2 Directors, took the task of embedding KidsMatter into school culture. She conducted a wonderful workshop for staff on wellbeing with Sally Hystek last year, but this year she goes from strength to strength as she invites new members to a committee of individuals who place great personal value on family well being. Louise conducted an online KidsMatter survey, we hope you had time to complete with your child at home. Louise is mindful of staff being inclusive and is also advocating for a Reconciliation Plan within our CMS community. In addition, Jenna Cunningham attended a workshop supporting the building of positive, respectful relationships at work which she shared with great insight.

Speaking of Jenna and nice friendly moments beyond the children and the classroom, Jenna is in her final days at work before taking maternity leave to welcome her new arrival (not yet arrived!). Jenna has graciously entered each classroom and conducted benchmark testing on reading for the whole term. She is finalising the reports due to go home with children who are in their final year in Cycle 1 and ranging through to students in Cycle 3. We thank Jenna for her support in this area and look forward to her return in the future.

As we are now settled into the year, we have Greg MacDonald (International AMI 6 to 12 years trainer) back on the scene to continue support for our Cycle 2 and 3 Directors (via Skype as Greg resides in USA). The Directors will fill you in on any great insights Greg will share, from material presentations to how the environment is prepared. Keep dropping by for the Open Door every Thursday when Directors are available to explore what Montessori means for your child.

We are really pleased with the transition Term for the 3 year olds staying until 3:00pm. I know I mentioned it in a previous Bulletin but want to say again how well it is working for the children. Afternoons are a delight with properly functioning classrooms as Montessori intended with multi age groups working so nicely together in their own little community. Cycle 2 is a hive of activity with children so earnestly learning and happy. Cycle 3 continue their more focused emphasis on completing tasks and deeper thinking into their place in society.

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend our Term 1 parent education evening. Sarah Beresford-Jones (Red Gum Director) and Catherine Holmes (Casuarina Director) did a skit so funny I was shaking the iPad as I tried to take a photo. Catherine was a child who did not get to help to pack her bag, did not pack her change of clothes, did not know what her lunch box contained and certainly did not carry her bag to school. Catherine spilled her drink and made no move other than to whine at Sarah. Catherine was passing the sense of order period of her life with conflicting values from home, as Sarah her Director had to work extra hard to foster a love of an already squashed natural desire to “help me to do it by myself”. For those who attended the evening, your feedback was really helpful and yes we will do more just like it. Thank you for the fantastic suggestions for future topics you would like to see covered. Thank you Darcy Loughton, Sarah Beresford-Jones, Catherine Holmes and Kerrie Pillay for sharing Montessori perspectives on the evening.

Until next Term, have a Happy Easter.


Áine Barker