From Director School Administration

Dear CMS families,

Staff at CMS have been delighted to return to school and commented how fast the Term flew by. Anthony and I have enjoyed greeting you all on the first day of the week every week.

Anthony mentioned the National Improvement Tool at the opening of the new building last week and how our staff constantly strive improve in our practice to enable individual potential being reached. The Directors have set their own professional goals which tie in nicely with a whole school staff approach where we are focusing on the following:

* Collegial understanding of Montessori philosophy and pedagogy
* Literacy and Numeracy outcomes
* Collaboration and communication

Staff meeting structures have developed as we added a meeting to discuss Montessori philosophy in depth.
These collegial meeting subjects will come to your attention through communication from your Director or indeed any member of staff. We are off to a great start and plan to continue with this momentum.

Members of the primary staff are planning to progress through career stages from graduate to proficient with the Teacher Quality Institute during next Term. The progression recognises the teachers as experienced and working at level desired in all schools. The teachers will sit in front of a panel and show evidence of their work with the children and in our community. Part of the evidence portfolio includes snort videos and photos of the children and their work. The photographs will be placed in a secure digital forum that may only be viewed by the panel members. If you do not wish for your child to form part of the photographic evidence of the work of the staff please let your Director know. This message will be duplicated and sent in another format to ensure all members of the community are given the option to opt out should you desire.

 A little reminder on visiting the school…..

The Montessori environment is designed for the children. From the Toddler (Infant Community) to Cycle 1 (The Children’s House) to the world of Cycle 2/3 (Primary), each classroom has furniture of the correct size to accommodate our growing children. Parents and carers are welcome to observe and visit on set days to minimise disruptions to the work cycle.

If your child has forgotten to pack their lunch and you return with it later in the morning, please leave it at the office. Tonia will see to it that any items or messages are delivered to your child in a timely manner. If you have a reason to be on the premises outside of school start time at 8:30am or pick up time at noon or 3:00pm, please visit the office. Tonia will ensure you are signed in for emergency evacuation purposes and let relevant Directors know of your presence.

Your support with allowing the space to be an undisturbed focused learning time for the children at CMS is much appreciated.

Ms. Áine Barker
Director – School Administration