From Learnscapes Committee

Firstly, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the families who volunteered their time during the holidays to water the school gardens. Despite some very warm weather we have managed to keep the gardens and some patches of grass alive and even green! Your efforts are appreciated!

In 2016 we had a productive year thanks to the funds from the 2015 Spring Fair and a small but dedicated group of volunteers. The focus was on the Cycle 1 playground improvements with a high priority given to nature-play elements. Some of the things we achieved were the installation of: the slide mound, the reed river beds, stepping log tree, sound wall, chalk boards, tree boxes and planting some new deciduous trees. In the Parent Toddler area, we installed some stepping logs and a picking garden.

This year our first priorities include: Tidying up and improving the area at the rear of the Cycle 2/3 building and finishing off the planting on the slide mound.

We are always looking for new members to join our committee and to assist in our schedule of working bees throughout the year. Please do not feel that you have to be a garden guru or have any specific building skills to be involved. There are always jobs to suit one and all and you may even find you learn some new skills along the way!

This year we are also hoping to get more children involved in the process. Last year the Apprentice Learnscapes Committee was established in Cycle 2 and this year we hope to expand and increase their activities. It is the children’s school after all!

Our first meeting is on Wednesday 22nd February from 7-8pm. Please come along if you are interested in improving your child’s learning environment! We can also be contacted on email or leave your details with Tonia at the office.

Hope to see you soon.