From the Board

Last month the Canberra Montessori Board sent two members, Catherine Prosser (Chair) and Tara Wood (Deputy Chair) to join our Principal and Director of Student Administration at the Montessori National Summit.

This was a very interesting event from the Board’s perspective.  As the only primary Montessori offering in Canberra, there is not much opportunity to meet and discuss matters with other Montessori Boards.  Prior to the summit, we connected with the Chair of Montessori East in Bondi, and together we invited any other Board members attending to meet with us to discuss how we, as Boards, can share knowledge and experience between us to further the strategic plans of our own schools, assist each other’s schools, and develop Montessori in Australia more broadly.

We are pleased to say that we had a very strong response from the Board members and Principals who attended.  The value in creating a national network for Montessori Boards was clearly recognised by all participants, and we have since started an online group where we provide updates to each other after Board meetings, seek advice and provide support.

Examples of the kinds of support we may provide each other going forward could include sharing policy or governance documents, or expertise on particular challenges facing Boards.  For example, two schools in attendance are currently facing having to relocate their school entirely, which is an enormous task for a Board.  Not only will these schools potentially be able to make it easier for each other, but also for other Boards who may want to learn from their experience in the future.  We were also pleased to learn that no fewer than 3 schools have already adopted our Board Induction Pack, which we have been developing over the last few years, so this kind of group will make that kind of assistance far easier in the future.

One of our goals from the Strategic Plan was to further strengthen and improve the capacity of the Board, and creating opportunities like this allows us to not only improve our own governance, but have an effect on the governance and strategic development of Montessori schools across Australia.  We very much look forward to working with the other Boards going forwards.

Catherine Prosser
Board Chair