From the Board

Dear CMS Community,

After electing new members at the AGM in March, Board members have been busy settling into their sub-committees and setting work plans for the year. By creating annual work plans for each sub-committee and one for the Board as a whole, we:

  • Help to ensure that we meet our regulatory requirements as a School,
  • Try and spread the Board’s work out over the year so that it’s not overly burdensome for Board members at any one time, and
  • Ensure that we don’t forget anything!

Our sub-committees for 2016-17 are as follows:

  • Operational Liaison and Compliance Committee Catherine Prosser (Chair), Tara Wood (Deputy Chair) and Jacqueline Gellatly. This committee is the point of contact between the Board and the Principal and is responsible for ensuring the School is meeting its regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Finance CommitteeTony Butler, Rob Smith-Saarinen and Sam Scott. This committee works closely with the Business Manager to provide governance of the use of school funds, sets school fees and suggests CMS membership fees.
  • Policy CommitteeAnna Neilan and Jodie Beitzel. This committee is responsible for maintenance of the policies of the Board, which are separate from and different to the School’s day to day operational policies. For example, one of the Board policies covers eligibility for becoming a Board member, and one of the school operational policies covers staff recruitment.
  • Building CommitteeNick Surawski. This committee will work with the Principal on new building projects, and with the Resource Development Committee on applications to fund future building projects.
  • Resource Development CommitteeMike Power and Douglas Amarfio. This committee, previously called the Capital Development Committee, is focussed on the promotion of the Building Fund and on attracting funding from outside sources for the Society’s larger projects. It does not include the operations of the Fundraising & Social Committee.
  • Communications CommitteeStuart Pascoe and Brigid Lombard (non-Board member). This committee is responsible for all communication from the Board to Society members, such as through the newsletter and Yearbook. It also coordinates the Board’s annual survey – this year staff will be surveyed.
  • Bursary CommitteeAnna Neilan. This committee approves applications for assistance with School fees while maintaining confidentiality of the individuals and families applying.

The Board Chair and Deputy Chair will soon be joining Anthony at an upcoming Governance in Montessori Schools session, which will be run by the NSW Association of Independent Schools in Sydney. They are looking forward to learning from other Montessori schools and sharing some of our recent experiences as a School and Society.