From the Principal

Dear School Community,


As this is the last Bulletin for the year, I wanted to offer my sincerest gratitude for the amazing support and positivity provided by you our community, to our school in the last 12 months. As we are working on a culture of improvement in our school (to enhance and facilitate better learning for students, including achievement and wellbeing), the scope of change across the school has been palpable to many. Change can be challenging, change can cause discomfort, change requires vision. With this, and the strategic goals of our school in mind, we have addressed anxieties and concerns, as openly and honestly as possible, whilst referring to various organisational requirements through external validation and school management processes.

Conflict is an essential engine for change, as we all like to have our views valued, desire to be heard and our perspectives considered. In Australian education, we see a growing demand for improvement and are challenged to update practices to meet the ever increasing demands of our modern world. Without a drive to reflect, review and engage with improvement, we run the risk of stagnation to the highly important, overall concept of authentic teaching and learning. Our foreseeable future will be anchoring the positive changes of the last 12 months, and building on both our collegial and community culture to support our school’s short and long term goals. Schools can be complex environments and we are ardently working to cultivate cohesion through enhanced communication practices, geared towards building on our existing relationships, and an intent to shape a compelling improvement agenda focussed on the needs of today, whilst remaining conscious of the needs of tomorrow.

I was really pleased to see 12 of our students ceremoniously graduate from CMS last Friday, with palpable pride emanating from their families who have been committed to their Montessori journey. A comment from one of our graduates resonated with me “..I couldn’t have done this without my friends…”. This highlights the often lifelong friendships made in primary schools, and the importance of social groups in our classroom environments. Again, I wish our graduates well and hope their future is as bright as our school and their families desire.

Further, I would like to thank all of our staff for their unyielding commitment to the learning journey of your children across this year. Our staff juggle an array of community, school based and government expectations to ensure the best possible outcomes for students. Often their crucial contribution to your child’s learning comes at a personal cost, mostly time, albeit readily extended without complaint. Our professional educators and support staff draw on a large repertoire of skills, practices and capabilities to provide the very best for the children of CMS, concurrently ensuring their own professional learning journey is sustained. Please, if you find the opportunity to offer a dedicated smile, or a ‘thank you’ for what is an increasingly difficult role, I am certain this will be appreciated.

Be assured, next year I will continue to be driven by a desire to see every student in our school enjoy their learning journey, to inspire our staff and community with high aspirations for learning, build on opportunities to improve, and constantly reflect on my own practice and impact. I have enjoyed my year working with the school community and am sincerely looking forward to my own opportunity to spend quality time with family.

Please, enjoy your vacation and ‘family time’ and bring our students back healthy, refreshed and happy from their break. Take care on any journey and stay safe, you are our community and are very much valued in our concerted effort to make our Montessori… ‘simply the best for each child’.


Anthony Vandermolen