From the Principal

Dear School Community,

The year is already moving along very quickly and the positive support from our community has been just amazing. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so much to kicking off our 2017 in such a positive way.

I have had the opportunity over the last few weeks, to engage in an AMI training program here at school. This professional development has been very rewarding, serving to cement in much of the Montessori knowledge gleaned from personal research.  Whilst only part way through the course my fellow trainees and I have managed to push out close to 10,000 words in written theory, to accompany the practical sessions we are participating in. All of us are looking forward to a break in the next few weeks to catch up on some semblance of ‘normality’.

Concurrently, I have been engaged with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), working on a Graduate Diploma in Student Learning – Assessment. The purpose of this initiative, was to look broadly at ‘Assessment Literacy’ and determine how Montessori practices fit within the context of current educational research. Whilst this has been a large ‘out of hours’ work load, the understandings from each course are complimenting the work of our staff and will enable us as a school team, to communicate our Montessori practices with greater clarity in the future.

These elements were discussed in greater detail at our recent and well attended ‘Annual School Community Gathering’ where a range of opportunities for ongoing parent engagement were also presented. Please, if you have the time, your support in our various committee structures and action groups all contribute to our positive school environment and a culture of improvement to serve the needs of our students, staff and wider community. There is evidence all around the school of the amazing generosity of time provided by our community, and we truly appreciate and value what our families can bring to the school.

The new year has seen an increase in enrolments and the Office Administration continue to tour new families on a regular basis. These new families comment on the behaviour and concentration demonstrated by our children in their environments and openly provide stories of contrast to other environments they have visited. Suffice to say, we are generating a substantive waiting list for prospective families. This is great news for the building of our school community.

Anthony Vandermolen