From the Principal

Dear Parents, Carers and School Community,

Major new projects for CMS before the end of term
As most of our community will be aware, the next few weeks will be busy for the school as we prepare some major deliverables to the community, including a new series of classrooms, a strategic plan, and a new school logo all organised for our event on the 1st April, which I hope will be well supported by our school community. More details of this will be provided as we draw closer to the event.

Cycle 3 students help design a new uniform
A further element of this event is delivering a revitalised school uniform design (associated with our new logo). To assist with the development of the design and colour scheme, our senior students of Cycle 3 were invited into the Principal’s office to offer their wisdom and suggest concepts. This proved a worthwhile exercise as a colour scheme was agreed upon and the design narrowed down to a couple of distinctive possibilities. With this in mind, our senior students have offered to model a new uniform at our impending event.

Working together for your child
Our students are very important to me, as is our journey towards making our Montessori… ‘simply the best for each child’. In the spirit of this journey I task you to reflect, at this early stage in the year, where you would like your child to be on their learning journey at the end of this year. If you feel confident this journey is on track, then please maintain your collaborative relationship with our dedicated staff. If however, you have any concerns, we want to work with you and your child to ensure we are doing our very best, as more often than not any concern can simply be a communication issue. If you feel anxious about the progress of your child, please speak to their Classroom Director as soon as possible. I maintain the highest confidence in the direction our school is headed and the capacity of our professional staff, who as a collegial team are working consistently towards best practice.

Keep up to date with SchoolStream
We have some very exciting initiatives being implemented in the coming weeks to directly benefit our students, so please keep an eye out (no pun intended) for updates via the SchoolStream application available for your mobile device.

Ongoing development at CMS
Lastly, thank you for the many affirmations received over the last few weeks in regards to the visible evolution of our grounds, changes to procedures, and enhanced communications. The ongoing support from our community continues to be amazing and our school is evidence of the commitment of many to providing the best possible learning environment for our children, staff, parents and wider school community.


Anthony Vandermolen

Principal, CMS