Help Make the Disco Happen!

We are looking for 2 volunteers to organise the School Disco on the last day of the school year, Friday 11 December 5pm to 7pm – we need your help!

The disco is a perennial favourite of the children and a lovely relaxing way to end the year for parents – we all bring a rug/chair and picnic, to sit and chat in the Cycle 1 playground while the kids dance the night away. We also usually provide some food as a small fundraiser, selling sausages, icy poles and drinks.

Being the organiser doesn’t mean that you’re stuck behind the stall all night though, it just involves promoting it, sourcing the food and drinks to sell, and organising a roster of people to help you run it on the night. We already have DJ Sarah BJ back providing the tunes so that side of things is all organised, and we have lots of information from previous discos that you can use.

If you can help, please contact Brigid Lombard on 0403 893 209 or