Message from Acting Principal – 13 April 2018

Dear CMS Community,

What a lovely start to the year we have had, with our staff heavily supporting events, working side by side with you on projects to enhance the environment.  Staff members have signed up to run events and clubs. While the office may get the communication in place and ensure procedure is adhered to, the Directors are to be thanked for leading and being responsible for the Montessori touch to all events at CMS. Please don’t be shy in encouraging your child to join the singing club with Aileen and Ros. You can learn more about the hidden talents of these professionals as the weeks pass and songs are sung.

The Colour Run was such a success. The children and all the adults who joined in had a great time. Thank you to the team of parents and staff who made it all happen. Positioned over at the oval in Weston in my high visibility orange vest, I got to see all the older children as they ran/walked the longest loop around the park. The funds raised are dedicated directly to technology. Thus far we have raised nearly $1800, so please thank all the grandparents and friends who have contributed to our school through sponsorship of the event.

Anthony and I attended the 2018 Montessori Early Childhood Conference in Queensland on 17th and 18th March. Yes, I gave up my Saint Patrick’s weekend for Montessori learning, but it was so worth it. The subject title was “Learning is Child’s Play”. The delivery was fantastic. Finding a definition for play was interesting as we looked at so many different viewpoints and specific words associated with play in different fields. From an early learning perspective, play is “developmental”; a school teacher sees play as “Can or cannot”; evolutionary biology looks on play as associated with “traits”; the word “physical” is used when those in health speak of play and crime prevention makes mention of play as “distraction from other behaviours.” In the context of the setting of the conference “play is what young people do when they follow their own ideas and interests, in their own way and for their own reasons.” When we got past the definition and into analysis of play, I learnt that play is to be treated as work and is simply not to be interrupted. I have shared some of the key points with staff, but I believe more robust conversation will take place in the future as a new idea of play was introduced propelling me back to read Montessori and consider how she viewed play.

I know many of you would have seen the CMS Facebook message on the day of the graduation for the most recently trained Association Montessori International (AMI) diploma holders. Indeed, thank you for the likes and congratulatory messages. We also have a special announcement as Darcy Loughton also completed her Graduate Diploma of Education (Montessori) through Montessori Institute, providing her with another university level qualification. Congratulations Darcy!

As you are aware, I am handing over to David Holmes as he fills in for me while I am on Long Service Leave (yes, I have been here forever!). I will miss all the happy smiles from parents, staff and the children and thank you all for your ongoing support for me in my various roles over the years. Have a wonderful break. See you all on my return.

Take care,


Áine Barker
Acting Principal