Message from Director School Administration

Prague Congress Summary

Dear Parents and families of CMS,

Anthony and I had quite a few individual chats with members of our community on our return to CMS from Prague and shared the feeling of the event, but I was not ready to write the summary until now as I needed time to absorb the words and point of the Congress before sharing my perspective.

It is with great pleasure I take this opportunity to share my impression of the inspirational days spent in the Czech Republic at the 28th Montessori Congress in Prague. This was truly a wonderful opportunity to experience 6 keynote speakers voice their views on the child and the potential for peace in the world.

After the first day of registration, meeting up with many Australian and international delegates and finding our way around the Montessori material displays with representations from various training centres and distributors worldwide, we sat and enjoyed the opening ceremony which included singing from Montessori children and Australian teachers.

Lynn Lawrence, Executive Director of Association Montessori International (AMI), spoke eloquently as always when she opened the event with host Miroslava Vlčková (Director of Montessori Institute Prague) and the Minister of Education.

She pointed out that Montessori’s own path began with a commitment to social welfare, health and equality. Over time this commitment changed to social justice, equality and social change. Dr Montessori started with commitment to education based on how human beings develop. She spent her lifetime travelling the world trying to share her message “Education as an aid to life”, and it was noted how we had all travelled the world to congregate in Prague, not only to explore her message but also to form our own individual action plan.

You might like to take 5 minutes to look at this video if you would like a visual impression and general feeling of the Congress before you read on…


International Montessori Congress Prague 2017 – closing ceremony from C-IN on Vimeo.

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