Message from Principal 1 June 2021

Dear CMS Community,

Welcome to Week 7; I hope that everyone has had a great long weekend. We are now moving well and truly into the cooler part of the year; please be sure to help your children come to school with appropriate clothing for the weather so that they can remain warm and dry through the day.

Reports for children equivalent to K-6 will be sent home at the end of next week, with parent/teacher sessions the following week. These can be face to face sessions, but will still need to adhere to a level of Covid-19 safety awareness, primarily with attending parents required to check in using the Check In CBR App. More information with booking details will be shared later this week.

Just on the topic of Covid-19, we’re mindful of the need to remain careful and vigilant, particularly as we observe what’s happening in Victoria. With this in mind, it is a good time to remember that any children (and staff) should still be staying at home if they are unwell, until they are well. I appreciate that you continue to respect this, and our commitment to maintaining our community’s health and wellbeing as much as possible.

CMS is working closely with our CatholicCare Student and Family counsellor in developing an upcoming positive social program called ‘Kind Kids’. This program focuses on building positive psychology, encompassing key themes of resilience, empathy, conflict resolution, friendship and peer support. Initially, children in Cycle 2 are invited to participate. The program will run consecutively across 5 weeks on Friday mornings within school. Students will be assigned into groups of 6, and will participate during one of the following periods:

  1. Term 2 Week 9 – Term 3 Week 4 (excluding Term 2 week 10)
  2. Term 3 Week 6 – Term 3 Week 10
  3. Term 4 Week 1 – Term 4 Week 5
  4. Term 4 Week 6 – Term 4 Week 10

Each group session will run for 30 minutes and further details, including a timeline, will be outlined in permission slips that will be sent out this week. If there are any questions around this for our Student and Family counsellor, please contact the school on Fridays between 8:45am – 11:45am.

Have a great week.

Kindest regards,


Rael Matthews