Message from Principal 19 July 2021

Dear CMS Community,

Well… I have to say, I had reluctantly anticipated, when writing to you at the end of last term, that the beginning of this term might not be as we would have hoped. However, here we are with school as normal, or at least, Covid-normal with minimal concessions; and long may it continue! It’s been good to see everyone again… lots of happy, smiling faces as children have been getting straight back into their classroom based learning.

With this said though, it is concerning to see what is happening around the country at this time. We have been incredibly fortunate to be unaffected to this point, but it’s certainly not within the realms of possibility that the situation could change very quickly. It seems a good time to outline, as best we can, what would happen with an occurrence of Covid in the ACT.

Of course, we’ll be guided by Government and Health advice, but the most possibly likely scenario would be that we jump to an immediate, brief lockdown (as Victoria has done). Should this be the case, what I would expect is that school/Snowgum would be open for supervision of children of essential workers (as advised, and however they are classified), and that for the majority of children who are away from school, we would provide general learning and wellbeing activities for home for that period (they would, in effect, be pupil free days).

Only in the situation that the Government dictate that children are to be Learning from Home for a period of extended lockdown, would we move to official Learning from Home via the Google platform as we did last year (I really hope that we don’t). Your class Director will be reaching out to clarify and confirm email/login details for just in case, if they’ve not already.

Of course, we also have to consider the other scenario possible, and that is that a member of our school community contracts the virus. In that situation, Health will dictate how we all need to respond and behave, depending on the circumstance. It could possibly be that this scenario could mean additional pupil free days, as we undertake deep cleaning, and all monitor for symptoms and await test results etc…

Of course, I’m sure we all very much hope that these circumstances don’t arise, but I definitely think it good to be as best mentally prepared as possible, just in case. In the meantime, let’s continue to enjoy our school days as we are and hope that it continues far into the future.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any queries or questions or need to talk about anything at all.

Stay safe, and stay warm!


Rael Matthews