Message from Principal 3 May 2021

Dear CMS Community,

As we come back to school at the beginning of each term, I take for granted that our children arrive to their classroom and get straight back to working with their materials without a pause. It’s something that I’ve admired each time we return from a break, but this time around it struck me that a Montessori school is the only setting in which this can happen. Anywhere else, and children sit and await instruction. It really is special to witness the independence and intrinsic motivation developing.

Thank you to all who took the time to attend Friday’s Movie Night; it was great to see you here braving the cold, and was great fun. A huge thank you to our great P&F Association team for the many hours of work they put in to pull events together. It’s so good to now be able plan and host events which we can all enjoy as a community. I put great value in our school being a community hub for our families, and look forward to many more events in the future. Beginning, of course, this Friday morning with the Mothers’ Day Breakfast…details are in the P&F section on the Newsletter. I look forward to seeing you then.

This Thursday, at 6pm, sees our next Parent Education session. This session focuses on the child’s transition, and will support families in best preparing for their child’s transition between cycles, the processes, and communication with Directors through the journey. I know that a reminder has been sent out and that numbers are limited. If you’re interested in finding out a little bit more, please sign up and come along.

Weeks 4 and 5 of the term see NAPLAN taking place across Australia. In primary schools, children equivalent to Year 3 and Year 5 are required to undertake four tests, in Writing, Reading, Language Conventions, and Numeracy. At CMS, as is compulsory for all schools, we have now transitioned to online testing rather than paper-based (although the Year 3 Writing test remains a paper-based test). Families of our Year 3 and Year 5 children will have already received some information around this, and test schedules will be sent home in the next couple of days. Should you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
NAPLAN online
NAPLAN brochure for parents and carers

Have a great week.

Kindest regards,


Rael Matthews