Message from Principal February 2021

Dear CMS Community,

It’s great to be back, and lovely to see you all again.

Welcome back to parents of returning children and welcome to the Canberra Montessori School community to parents of children new to our school. It’s been so good to see the children in our classrooms again over the past two weeks, reconnecting with the environment and engaging with learning, reconnecting with friends and teachers, and making new friends. It has been the positive start to the 2021 school year that we were all looking forward to.

Through the summer break, in caring for our outdoor environment, we have had sustainability and improvement work undertaken around the grounds…you’ll no doubt have noticed that the Frog Bog is being renovated; we’ve resurfaced the central Grove path so that it shouldn’t get boggy in the rain; we’ve addressed the drainage problems on the paths within The Grove (so we shouldn’t have the swimming pools anymore); our grounds watering system is completely connected to our sustainable water supply; and we’re modifying the fence line at the back of the Cycle 1 classroom courtyards, so that each courtyard now includes a garden bed that children can care for and nurture. All of these works will have a positive effect on our outdoor environment for all, I am sure.

Now that we’re back to a semblance of normality, Parent Education and Information is a focus for growth and development for us. Following the online discussion group session last term centred around Independence, next Thursday we have a session on The Planes of Development. The Four Planes of Development are the holistic framework upon which Dr. Montessori built her vision of developmental psychology, encompassing human development from birth until maturity at age 24. I encourage you, if you’ve not already, to sign up (see details below) to join Darcy and Tom in discussion towards a deeper level of philosophical understanding, practical strategies for supporting your child as they grow and develop – this is also a great way of making connections with other CMS families. This discussion group is then followed by an Independent Dressing and Toilet Learning workshop for our Snowgum community on the February 27. These are the first of many sessions to be held throughout the year, so please keep your eyes peeled and get involved.

Lastly, can I encourage parents to become involved in the Parents & Friend’s Association. Our P&F are, quite simply, a wonderful group who care deeply about our school and the wellbeing of our school community. There are plans for many social, community, and fundraising events, and I know that they are keen for additional active members. The more the merrier.

Have a great weekend.

Kindest regards,


Rael Matthews