Message from Principal

Dear CMS Community,

In reaching a holiday period, it’s a good time to reflect on the weeks that have passed. In looking back over Term 1, we reflect on what has possibly been the most difficult term that we’ve had during the covid period. To begin a school year with such adjustment again has been tough; and to have had our first moments of direct impact of Covid19 and the related consequences, has meant that we have needed to be adaptable and resilient on a whole other level. Thank you to all families for continuing to support our school with the care and understanding with which you do.

With that said, in many ways, we have managed to navigate the term seemingly effortlessly, and that is testament to our amazing staff team, and to you all, in how we continue to support each other and our children. Despite ongoing challenges, we have continued to place children at the centre of everything we do and maintain, incredibly, meaningful learning every day for every child. When reading about what has been happening in other schools across the ACT, that is no mean feat and something of which we should all reflect on and feel very proud.

At this point, there are no new updated guidelines for school for Term 2. They are expected during the school holiday period, and we’ll update you when they are available.

So… thank you. It’s been a busy term, so make the break a good one and recharge those batteries. We look forward to seeing everyone again on Tuesday 26 April.

Kindest regards, take care, and happy holidays,


Rael Matthews

Principal, CMS