Message from Rael Week 6 Term 4 2019

Dear CMS Community,

I hope that this message finds you well. We’re heading towards the end of the school year, and it’s beginning to warm up…we’re taking steps and being flexible in our school day to ensure that we’re best looking after the children in the heat. I’ll write again a little later in the term reflecting on this year and looking ahead to 2020, but just quickly wanted to update with a few items that we’re excited about.

Transparent Classroom

Through part of this last school year, some of our parents have been trialling Transparent Classroom as we become more familiar with using it. At its heart, Transparent Classroom is really no more than a digital record keeping platform for teachers for planning, lessons given, observations and notes. It’s important to know that it doesn’t negatively impact teaching and learning at all, in fact, it enhances the quality of our provision and on the most basic level, supports consistent record keeping across the school, which will be of huge benefit when analysing growth and sharing data and information as children progress through our school. The added bonus with Transparent Classroom is that it provides a real-time window in to the school and your child’s classroom each day (or week, your choice!) for parents and carers, enabling you to see their work each day, and progress over time. If you haven’t already, in the coming week, you will receive an email from your classroom director inviting you to join transparent classroom. This will enable everyone to explore and get used to it for the remainder of this term, ahead of the 2020 school year.

In order to have full access to Transparent Classroom we will need your permission.  If you haven’t already done so, please fill out this online form and update your other permissions at the same time.


The feedback has been unanimously positive regarding the weekly gymnastics classes. We’re so happy to be working with our friends and next door neighbours to be able to provide this for our children. So happy in fact, that we’ll continue this as an ongoing feature of life at CMS into the future. We’re currently working with the Gymnastics Centre to find some slightly more suitable timings, so that, hopefully, we won’t have to alter our school day to accommodate this.


I apologise for the on/off/on nature of Japanese this year. We were going great guns at the start of the year. Val then required some leave, and was sadly unable to re-join us. The search for a new teacher has taken some time, as there aren’t many language teachers available through a school year. However, we’ve been tremendously fortunate to find Haruka, who has been a great addition to our team. It’s so good to see the children enjoying engaging with an additional language again.


You may have noticed that we have added swimming to our calendar for 2020; it’s in Week 7 of Term 1. We have linked with Royal Life Saving Australia and will be utilising their Swim and Survive program for our K-6 children each year. We feel that this is an essential program for children in Australia, and are excited that we’re able to add it to our calendar each year, ensuring that all children increase their swimming and water safety skills. There will be more information regarding this early next year regarding timings of the day etc…


From the start of next year, one way in which we communicate with you will change slightly. Moving forward, we’ll be providing a comprehensive fortnightly newsletter with communications from across the whole school…hopefully, this should keep everyone in the loop, and abreast of all that’s happened and will be happening at CMS.

Phone System

Another piece of exciting news is that we’re just commencing the process of installing a new, shiny, updated phone system. I believe that the one we currently have is older than our school, and brings with it some ongoing issues so this is long overdue and, hopefully, the on-hold music will be far more exciting! On a serious note, the importance of this system is that it also doubles up as a far more efficient lockdown warning system, meaning our procedures can be updated and be far more effective.

Parents & Friends Association

This coming Monday at 6.30pm sees our Parents and Friends Association meeting in Gumnut. This meeting is to elect Officers and Ordinary Members of the association. By default, every parent/carer at the school will be a member of the P&F; the more people that are actively involved, the more successful it can be.

End of Year Celebrations

Friday 13 December…our end of school year. This day will begin with a community breakfast…please put the time aside to stop in at the start of the day. Through the day, we then farewell our graduating Cycle 3 children, followed by a whole school disco from 2-3pm . This is a disco that you’re invited to attend and boogie the afternoon away with your children, before heading off into the summer holidays. We look forward to you hopefully spending the end of the school year with us.


Finally, I’m so so happy to be able share some absolutely wonderful news…over the past weekend, two of our wonderful staff members, Tom and Halima got married! They had a small, private marriage ceremony, and plan to do a celebration at a later date. We’re all so excited and so happy for them, sending them all our love and best wishes 😊

As always, if you have any queries, questions, thoughts or ideas, or if you just want to chat about anything at all, please don’t hesitate to pop in, or drop me a line.

Have a great weekend!

Kindest regards,


Rael Matthews
Acting Principal