Message from the Principa;l

Dear CMS Community,

I hope that everyone is well. I like Winter, but I really, really enjoy the tail end of Term 3, as the weather starts to warm up a bit and the wind is less biting. With this though, comes a reminder that we are now well into hat’s-on season, so can you please support children in remembering their hat each day.

Monday last week was a busy day full of enrichment to our already rich curriculum. We commemorated Dr Maria’s Montessori’s 150th birthday and her legacy of learning, by building two new raised garden beds and with each child (from Snowgum through to Karri) planting a bulb or seedling. We all now take responsibility for caring and nurturing these gardens so that they flourish for many years to come. Alongside this happening, we had the Questacon Science Circus presenting interactive aspects of science found in everyday life…these are designed to stimulate and challenge children to continue to explore science and technology for themselves.

I need to notify you that we ran a periodic lockdown drill today. Staff are given notice each time and prepare the children for the event. A lockdown drill involves sounding a horn in the grounds, teaching staff ensuring that children are inside the classroom, taking the roll, locking the doors and windows, locating staff and children where they can’t be seen and sitting quietly (often reading a story). A staff member then conducts a check of doors, windows and sight lines, and each classroom is verbally given the all clear to continue as normal. This whole process takes approximately 10-15 minutes. If your child has expressed concern regarding the drill, please discuss with us.

I just would also like to write quickly to acknowledge our Parents and Friend’s Association. I believe community is integral to everything we are, and our P&F is hugely important for our school. I urge everyone to get involved as much as they can, even if just to make contact through their Facebook page. They are a small group of people working incredibly hard to support us, and it is so much appreciated. The online Stargazing evening was fantastic, and filled us with a sense of awe and wonder. Of course, the Covid-19 guidelines mean that we continue to be restricted in what we are able to do, but I know that there are more events and opportunities to be involved coming soon.

As always, have a wonderful weekend.

Kindest regards,


Rael Matthews
Acting Principal