Message from the Principal

Putting the pieces together

Putting the pieces together

Dear Parents, Carers and School Community,


Essential 21st Century Skills

Today, critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning ability, and the ability to communicate effectively are essential skills. Talking with our students, I am often engaged in their enthusiasm for the tasks they are completing, from massive number chains, naming parts of flowers, to playing their instruments and comparing technique. This enthusiasm for learning and the skills our students are developing highlight the reason our educators are so passionate about Montessori Education. As someone who was never engaged with mathematics at school I am often taken aback at the breadth of mathematical opportunities available to our students, both explicit and implicit. From stringing beads to develop an understanding of patterning, to learning musical notes, scales and chords, to tessellations and symmetry in plant and flower specimens, I am lucky enough to see those moments of deep understanding and truly enjoy listening to our students communicate their learning to each other in such a casual way. Through the lens of Montessori philosophy, I have come to learn, the blended approach to materials in the classroom assists our students to make lucid links between concepts and deepen their understanding. Students are problem solving, investigating, supported by direct instruction, and experience both self and external assessment to improve in a personalised environment.

What does your child do all day?

As a parent, seeing my children enthusiastic and excited about learning is a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, I don’t get to be at school all day with my own children and have to rely on feedback from teachers to find out how they are going beyond the standard… “How was your day at school mate?”, “Good”. With this precept in mind, we have created a range of opportunities for parents and staff to interact and enhance both understanding of what happens in our classroom environments and the learning opportunities provided. Parent open sessions, morning coffee conversations, Open classrooms on identified afternoons, observations, 24 hour turn around on email, and opportunities to meet staff through appointment. As a school, we encourage family involvement in your child’s learning journey and hope you will continue to assist us by ensuring clarity of communication with staff in regards to this learning journey.

Getting involved

Whilst acknowledging we all lead very busy lives, often with both primary caregivers working full time roles, it is important to engage with the school to know what is happening and to be a part of our growth as a school community. There are an array of opportunities for parents to be involved in their children’s school and to work with us in ensuring the best possible environment for their learning. Events such as ‘working bees’ run by our ‘Learnscapes’ committee contribute a great deal to the beautiful environment we all enjoy with our children, our ‘Fundraising’ committee, enables our school to generate opportunities to supplement our funding for resources and equipment. These committees and those involved put a great deal of time and effort into our school and will ALWAYS welcome any parent or carer wanting to contribute. This offers a fantastic social and community building opportunity, guaranteed to be hardwork, but entertaining and rewarding.

Staff comings and goings

I would like to thank Ms Nang for her contribution to our school as she moves on to other professional opportunities in the education field. Ms Nang built some very positive relationships with students, staff and community and is excited by the new opportunities that await. Melaleuca classroom has been fortunate to have the support of Ms Sukhi in Cycle 2 over the last year and a half. A vacancy opened in Dryandra classroom and Ms Sukhi decided on a change of scene. Ms Sukhi would like to continue her warm relationships with our Cycle 2 children so remains on daily playground duty. Mr Tom, our trainee Director will focus on his practise of Montessori material presentations and classroom management as well as introducing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) into the classrooms. Tom will alternate between Grevillea and Melaleuca supporting both classrooms. Mr Ariel is also spending some time in Cycle 1 as he continues his Certificate III in Early Childhood Services, but will return to Cycle 2 every afternoon. Ms Cherie Lee is welcomed into ‘Gumnut’ our ‘Before and After School Care’ program and has already built strong relationships with staff and students alike, please say “hello” as the opportunity arises.

New! Before School Care

Lastly, please take a look at our newest offering in ‘Gumnut’, a before school care option, offering those parents who need to be at work a little earlier peace of mind, knowing their children are in a warm, caring environment, with breakfast, and are guaranteed to be at school on time 😉

Anthony Vandermolen