Message from the Principal

Dear School Community,

Teaching staff key to Montessori materials and children’s engagement
I am sure after a holiday break, many of our families are excited for the return of their children to school. Whilst holiday time is fun, we are all reminded of both the joys and difficulties of raising children. With the return to school we can also acknowledge the work and many hours our teachers invest in your children and recognise the importance of their role in the life of your child. Our school, with a focus on the ‘Prepared Environment,’ provides a stability for each child and our teaching staff are the fundamental key to both the materials and for engaging our children with their learning journey.

Acknowledging departing staff and welcoming the new
With this principle in mind, I hope you will reflect on the hard work of our departing staff and support our new staff as they embark on their journey with us at CMS. Whilst many have been accustomed to a school culture established by our departed staff who were with our school for considerable time, we can be excited by the passion and enthusiasm our new staff will bring to our school building on this strong foundation. I believe our ever developing professional team will invoke the blossoming of a new and vibrant culture reflective of a passion for the journey our school is on.

Community input a dimension of decision making
I hope, as you engage with our new staff over the course of this Term, you are able to support their transition into our school and acknowledge their commitment to your children as they learn the CMS ‘ropes’.  As a school leader, I am always happy to discuss with parents our strategic journey as a school, and the operational decisions made by our collegial team. Your input as a community is valued and will always be considered as a dimension of our decision making process. Please feel free to have a conversation with myself or any of our staff when you see us on the path or around the classroom environments, as any concerns or positive feedback are shared in our team meetings weekly.

Lastly, thank you for the incredible personal support from such a large number of parents towards the end of last Term. I was surprised and humbled by the generosity of your positive feedback and the many gifts and cards acknowledging the journey we have been on. I am looking forward to working with our community this Term as we continue to build on our practices and develop how we work alongside you, our school community, to make what we offer…. simply the best for each child.

Anthony Vandermolen