Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Carers and School Community,


Our new building is now finished! We currently await the paperwork required to transition into the new facility and this should occur over the next few weeks.I am sure you will agree the building is a fabulous new addition to the school and fits nicely into the environment. A very special thanks to community members for their support in assisting us with tidying up, landscaping and various other elements of ensuring our building is ready for the children.

New buildings now complete.

New buildings now complete.

The new series of classrooms is not the only building of importance in our school though. Building positive relationships within our school community is also important, and education becomes more meaningful and effective when we establish strong links and a sense of community. As parents, your engagement with our school is vital, and you can help your child succeed by:

  • Staying involved with what is happening at school
  • Contacting the classroom teacher with any questions or concerns
  • Asking your children about school and encouraging them to talk about their day
  • Not talking negatively about our school or the classroom teacher
  • Reading with your child every night
  • Making sure your child is getting plenty of sleep
  • Ensuring your child is ready for school and on time for class every day
  • And teaching your children to be responsible for their actions and decisions

To further build on, and support parent engagement with the school, within the next couple of weeks you will receive a request for your support in the completion of a parent feedback survey. This is a dimension of our school’s engagement with the National School improvement Tool and will assist our strategic goal of continuous improvement. We do value your honest feedback, both the ‘roses and the thorns’, as this will enable us to reflect on, and improve our services to you. The feedback provided by you will be anonymous, and will also be reflected back to our school community as a dimension of our next school bulletin.

Thank you for all the positive feedback received over the last weeks and as always, your support in assisting us to ensure what we provide at CMS is … ‘simply the best for each child’.

Anthony Vandermolen