Featured Illustration – ‘Orongobong Orangutan’ by David Miller

This week’s featured illustration is Orongobong Orangutan by David Miller from the classic book, ‘Ringle Tingle Tiger’ by Mark Austin.

'Orongobong Orangutan' by David Miller from 'Ringle Tingle Tiger' by Mark Austin (Lothian/Hachette). Giclee Print from the original paper sculpture. Print price $250.

‘Orongobong Orangutan’ by David Miller from ‘Ringle Tingle Tiger’ by Mark Austin (Lothian/Hachette). Giclee Print from the original paper sculpture. Print price $250.

The illustrations in this book are mind-boggling.  David Miller creates a paper artwork for each illustration – fringing, curling, folding and scrunching paper to bring all sorts of jungle creatures to life.  You can spend almost as long looking at each picture as you do the entire book.

The complexity of the illustrations is beautifully paired with the technical and artistic excellence of Mark Austin’s poetry. This is a very enjoyable book to read aloud, with the verses almost, but not quite, tongue twisters that propel you through the story of a young boy venturing through the jungle to face his worst fear, the Ringle Tingle Tiger.  David Miller adds tiger-esque elements to every picture, building up the anticipation of what you will finally see when the Ringle Tingle Tiger is revealed.

This book provides heaps of ideas for how to experiment with your own scraps of paper to create a picture worth framing, but if you’d like to go straight to the source, come and see Orongobong Orangutan, and all our other Books Illustrated prints for this semester, by visiting the Front Office.  And if you’d like to order a print for yourself or a loved one, please complete our order form and return it to the Front Office.

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