Professional development at CMS

So many staff have commented over the last week that Term 4 always flies. We are only into Week 2 and yet we are winding up the year!
With the planning to end the year it is also a time for reflection and working out what we can do better next year. The staff sat down together at the end of last Term and discussed the calendar for 2016. This should be finalised over the next week and sent to families. On completion the calendar will be placed on the web site after the last day of school for 2015.

Staff spent the first day back at school engaged in a First Aid course for teachers.
Twenty-two staff members enjoyed the hands on learning and intense it was, with a full day of training. The First Aid officer was delighted to work with teachers who deal with many grazes and bumps and have a working familiarity with dealing with difficult situations. It was clearly evident our teachers place the child at the centre of attention and each incident is reported.  As much as it is great to refresh First Aid awareness, it was also a fantastic team building event for our staff. A worthwhile way to spend a Pupil Free Day with such valuable Professional Learning.

As you are aware, a new level of leadership at CMS started in Term 3.
Rhoda Konstantinou has been leading the ‘Appretio’ platform for reflections and continued Professional Learning for our staff. The leadership group have been meeting and paving the way for Action Research projects to improve student outcomes. Staff are being mentored and included in the Action Research with the topic of spelling for Term 4. Next year staff will engage in their own Research programmes. This is all very exciting as the conversation around the school and level of developing knowledge based on research will become more evident when you speak to your classroom Directors and Assistants. Naturally this translates to better teaching and awareness of where Montessori practice fits into the broader community of education.

Wishing everyone a peaceful yet action-packed Term.

Áine Barker
Director – School Administration