School details for rest of Term 1 2020

Dear CMS Community,

You will have likely seen announcements made this evening regarding schools in the ACT in relation to the Covid-19 outbreak, and possibly also from Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Information continues to be released quickly.

As a result of these announcements, the information we have at this time is that Monday (tomorrow 23 March) will be the last day for children to attend CMS this term. This impacts all children, from Snowgum, Cycle 1, Cycle 2, and Cycle 3.

From there, Tuesday to Friday will be pupil free planning days, in which as a staff, we will continue developing material and resources to support home learning. Tomorrow, you will receive information and guidance around what this will look like, and how it will work.

The best information we have at this point, is that ACT schools will then support remote and home learning until Thursday 9 April, when Term 1 ends. Should there be any additional announcements tomorrow, we will update you as soon as we understand how they will affect us. It is unclear at this point whether we will be required to remain open for the children of Key Workers, but will do so with appropriate staffing if required. We will inform you as soon as we know.

These are unprecedented, challenging and uncertain times for all of us. It will take some time to adjust; situations will change further, and we are all learning as we go. We will need to be flexible and adaptable, and support and help each other through this better than ever before, but we can do it. I thank you for your support and understanding through these difficult times, and acknowledge that we’re all needing to make compromises.

If you have any questions or concerns, and I’m sure there are many, please don’t hesitate to let me know as soon as you can; I will reply as soon as is possible. I will be on the path tomorrow morning and afternoon, and available.

Kindest regards,


Rael Matthews
Acting Principal, CMS