Student Reports and School Improvements

School Reports coming soon

We are nearing the end of the final Term for the year! Classroom and Specialist Directors are busy writing School Reports with the aim to bring you up to speed with student progress. Though formal interviews are not scheduled at this time you are always invited to meet with the Classroom Director, especially after you receive the report if you require clarification on any points. Collaborative relationships between parents, teachers and our students can establish positive connections that have a lifelong impact on a child’s education and I strongly encourage frequent and ongoing communication with staff to ensure your greatest asset, our children, are having their learning needs met.

School Improvement Plan

Over the coming weeks the school will be developing a ‘School Improvement Plan’ to strategically enhance education delivery at CMS. The ultimate goal of a school improvement agenda is to improve outcomes for students, including their achievement and sense of well being. As this is developed, I will keep you directly in the loop with our progress.

Whole School Computer Network

The cabling and technology for our school computer network is almost complete, this will facilitate the full implementation of such initiatives as PC School, Appretio, data analytic software and various other resources to support and improve school operations.

Recently, Classroom Directors were provided new iPads in anticipation of this network completion, enabling access to a range of data management resources. Classroom Directors will now be able to record observations of your child’s work to inform further presentations straight into the system as opposed to writing on paper and then spending hours every week transferring that information to records.

Further, the development of our new school web site is reaching the final stages, with content being reviewed for inclusion. Our web site will work towards further enhancing our communication with parents and the wider community.

Exit Interviews Provide Feedback

As families are transitioning from the school ‘Exit Interviews’ are being completed to enable the school to receive constructive feedback for our continued growth. Though a range of reasons have been given for choosing to transition, every family has stated that without a doubt, the teachers and community at CMSare second to none. Indeed, it is this aspect of the school that brought me here. As I continue to get to know many of you a bit better whilst we work together on maintaining the grounds and other such ventures of improvement, I continue to enjoy the fantastic collegial teamwork amongst parents and teachers at our school.

Montessori Education Transcends Traditional Practices

I have recently attended the funeral of an indigenous elder in remote Western Australia. This was a difficult time as I worked closely with this person to improve outcomes for indigenous children. My time with Montessori has demonstrated the strength of the curriculum and how Montessori education transcends traditional practices. Once again I saw children who loved their teachers, but did not like being in the classroom or the approach to learning with which they were presented. Our children here at CMS have a joy for learning and a love for unlocking the wonders of the world. Building on this love of learning is what education is about and is why I am passionate about making our Montessori ….. ‘simply the best’.


Anthony Vandermolen