Featured Illustration – ‘The Classroom’ by Sue deGennaro

Our fifth feature from our Books Illustrated exhibition is The Classroom by Sue deGennaro, from ‘Max & George’ by Cori Brooke.

'The Classroom' by  Sue deGennaro from 'Max & George' by Cori Brooke (Penguin  Books Australia).   Giclee print from the original collage, conte, gouache. Print Price $175

‘The Classroom’ by Sue deGennaro from ‘Max & George’ by Cori Brooke (Penguin Books Australia). Giclee print from the original collage, conte, gouache. Print Price $175

The first thing that strikes you in this, and all the illustrations, from ‘Max & George’, is how Sue deGennaro has used grid paper as the background for many of the elements in the artworks.  The combination of the conte (which is like hard pastel) and gouache (a more opaque style of watercolour) creates simple but striking colours that lift all the pictures depicting Max, a small boy about to start school, and George, his imaginary friend that appears as his reflection.

This is a charming and quietly funny story about a young boy making a big change in his life and adapting to it.  It’s also a great example of how the illustrator adds so many different layers to the original story; for example, nowhere does Cori Brooke specify in the text that Max’s reflection appears as a rabbit, but that is how Sue deGennaro has interpreted it.  This makes the reader feel like they share a special secret with Max.

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