What does a successful school look like?

What does a school on its way to becoming an oasis of success look like? What does it look like to aim for high individual outcomes?

Over the course of this year, I hope it has become apparent that we are aiming as a school to transform, whilst continuing to maintain and nurture all the aspects that make CMS a unique and thriving community. This transformation is a focus on what we see as important professionally and philosophically. As a provider of education through the lens of Montessori, we are approaching purposeful and strategic change with confidence. From my perspective, such strategic transformation affects our students directly and positively; this in itself is a measure of success. I have been inspired by the enthusiasm our students have for school, I have been inspired by the commitment our staff have for Montessori education, and I have been inspired by the excitement and commitment our community have for their school. Together, as a staff and community, I feel we are cultivating in our school an authentic opportunity for our students to engage with learning, leading to transformation of the child through inspiration. Such inspiration is impossible to see, but also impossible to miss.

Leadership at CMS

I see my role in our school as a leader to be present, to be strategic and to be confident in the decisions being made operationally. Everyday I am faced with unique challenges to overcome. This is the nature of school leadership. There is an interesting an apt quote I observed over the weekend,

“You will never stub your toe by standing still. The faster you go, the more chance there is of stubbing your toe, but the more chance you have of getting somewhere.”  ~Charles F. Kettering

See you at the Fair!

This weekend, I am hoping to see the majority of our school community at the Spring Fair and am happy to have a chat about where we are going as a school and the challenges we face on our journey.A huge thanks in advance to all the members of our school community who have invested so much of their time in preparation for the Spring Fair. This dedication is not un-noticed and on behalf of the staff, students, and those members of the community not able to contribute time this weekend, a big “Thank You” – you have truly engaged with supporting our Montessori to become…  ‘simply the best’.
Anthony Vandermolen