Message from Principal 17 August 2021

Dear CMS Community, As we plan for Remote Learning next week, we remain conscious of the requirement for children of essential workers to be supervised on campus. The ACT Government’s explicit instruction is that all who can work and learn from home must do so. This means that there is very limited supervision capacity on campus and only for… Read more

Message from Principal 15 August 2021

Dear CMS families, I very much hope that everyone is well, I just wanted to write ahead of the coming week. I’d like to just start by saying thank you for responding so amazingly on Thursday afternoon by collecting children at 3pm or as soon as possible after that. It gave our staff the very… Read more

Message from Principal 19 July 2021

Dear CMS Community, Well… I have to say, I had reluctantly anticipated, when writing to you at the end of last term, that the beginning of this term might not be as we would have hoped. However, here we are with school as normal, or at least, Covid-normal with minimal concessions; and long may it… Read more

Message from Principal 25 June 2021

Dear CMS Community, Happy Friday, and happy end of Term 2!  Apologies for this newsletter being a little later than usual, but it seemed a good idea to tie it up with the end of term. It’s time now to recharge batteries and do all the cool, fun, family things that term time doesn’t always… Read more

Message from Principal 1 June 2021

Dear CMS Community, Welcome to Week 7; I hope that everyone has had a great long weekend. We are now moving well and truly into the cooler part of the year; please be sure to help your children come to school with appropriate clothing for the weather so that they can remain warm and dry… Read more

Message from Principal 3 May 2021

Dear CMS Community, As we come back to school at the beginning of each term, I take for granted that our children arrive to their classroom and get straight back to working with their materials without a pause. It’s something that I’ve admired each time we return from a break, but this time around it… Read more

Message from Principal April 2021

Dear CMS Community, Welcome to the last newsletter of the term. What a busy term it’s been, and this week is no different, with two parent information sessions in the next couple of days. Thank you to all families who sign up for these events, we hope you have found them useful and informative. We’ll… Read more

From Director of School Administration

Dear CMS Community,   I do feel privileged as always to be in a position that allows me to wax lyrical and share my thoughts. To end the year on such a positive note is a testament to our commitment to our children’s learning. There have been bumps along the way this term as I… Read more

Message from the Principal

Some practical options to help us focus on the behavioural work occuring at CMS, and the roles we can each play in a child’s journey towards independence and responsibility.