Montessori Directors

The role of the Montessori Director in the classroom

In a Montessori classroom, the place of the traditional teacher is held by a Montessori Director. Our Directors hold normal teacher qualifications as well as have or are working towards further Montessori qualifications.  The Director is a guide or facilitator whose task it is to support the young child in his or her process of self-development while simultaneously ensuring they explore at depth each element of the curriculum. The Director is an observer, unobtrusively yet carefully monitoring each child’s development, recognising and interpreting each child’s needs. They provide a link between the child and the prepared environment, introducing the child to each piece of equipment when he or she is ready in a precise, clear and enticing way. It may be helpful to imagine the Director as an air traffic controller and the children as busy planes; the Director must, at all times, be aware of what every ‘plane’ is doing and know how and when to assist individual children ‘land’ and ‘take-­off’ at their chosen work!