Parental Engagement

An important distinction between Montessori schools and many others is how parents are directly involved in the classroom. At CMS, we do not invite parents in for fruit duty or other programs, because the classroom is specifically set up to be the children’s space and they take responsibility for what happens in it. So the children, even the three year olds, prepare their fruit, wash their dishes and so on themselves, which fosters independence and pride in their environment.
However, there are many ways we encourage parental engagement in the educational journey of their child as well as parental involvement in the school community.  Our Strategic Plan 2016 – 2025 talks in detail about how the school encourages parental engagement through parent education sessions, direct communication and other methods.  And, of course, there are many ways for parents to be involved with the school, such as the school inviting parents with a specific skill or experience to come and share it with a group of children, or working with parents as class parent volunteers or any of the other community volunteer roles available at CMS.  Please see our Community section for more information.