Parent Toddler Program

Our Parent Toddler Program is the ideal introduction for your 18mth old to the Montessori curriculum, right up until they are ready for our Cycle 1 class at 3 years. It is also a wonderful opportunity for parents and carers to have a hands-on

experience of the Montessori philosophy of education in action!

The children, each with a parent or carer, come for 2 hours, on a Saturday morning, in an environment especially set up to foster the child’s growing independence. Children and parents alike are usually thrilled and excited when they first enter our beautiful Scribbly Gum classroom, as they discover it contains only child-­sized furniture and activities that match the size of the children and their stages of development.

The children are immediately comfortable, as all work is set out in such a way that children can use the materials with the minimum of adult assistance. The adults are pleased to see the pride their small children take in achieving tasks by themselves. The result is children who become enthusiastic learners and who approach each new problem and situation with energy, excitement and a sense of “self ­belief”.

The Parent Toddler Program works across the 5 curriculum areas of Sensorial, Practical Life, Mathematics, Language and Culture.

Is the Parent Toddler Program the same as a Playgroup?

Unlike playgroups, which are usually purely social opportunities for both child and parent, the Parent Toddler Program is an enjoyable two hours specifically designed to cater for the child’s urge towards independence and to develop faith in their own capabilities.

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