Our Values

When the staff and families of the CMS community were asked to articulate what they felt were the values of our school that were both enduring and distinctly reflective of the CMS experience, there was remarkable consensus. The process resulted in a defined set of values that unite the community, serve as a roadmap for future planning and underpin all our endeavours.


At CMS we show respect for others, for self and for the environment around us. Ours is a nurturing atmosphere that fosters a sense of wonder and a basis for intellectual and spiritual development. We expect all members of our school to act in a manner consistent with the Montessori ideals of Grace and Courtesy.

Community Spirit:

Our school forms a wide network of adults and children working together to help each other during the busy times with young families. Every new family that joins the Canberra Montessori Society is precious, and cannot be replaced. The community allows for consultation, teamwork and shared responsibility and ideals.


At CMS we do not underestimate children. A child’s job is to grow and become a productive and capable adult. We believe that it is a journey that can be filled with joy. At CMS the child’s decisions are valued, problem solving is encouraged and their responsibility to themselves, their peers and their school is acknowledged.


Maria Montessori believed that education is the key to peace, social harmony and co­operation amongst individuals and groups for the betterment of humanity. All that we learn is lost if we do not use our knowledge as a platform to care for each other and our environment. At CMS we encourage older children to care for younger ones and become ambassadors for Peace.


At CMS we recognize and embrace an individual’s unique qualities within the framework of our Montessori environments. We believe in open dialogue with families, respecting each person’s customs, parenting choices and circumstances. In the end, we hope to develop young people that are intrinsically motivated to explore their own interests and pursue their dreams. Freedom comes with responsibilities and our choices have limits but we fundamentally believe that liberty is the road to self­awareness.