Starting your CMS Journey

Step 1 ‐ What age is your child?

0-18 months

With the ever growing popularity of both our Parent Toddler Program and School, now is a great time to explore what we offer and get in early.

But first, we invite you to visit the school and spend some time in a classroom observing, so that you can see for yourself how Montessori works. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then observing a class will show you better than any explanation how it’s possible for more than twenty 3 to 5 year olds to work independently, peacefully and without chaos!

18 mths – 3 yrs

We have two options for children in this age group:

Early Education Program 

Full days from 7am-6pm, Monday to Friday, 49 weeks of the year. CCS rebates are available.

This is an opportunity for children to gain early exposure to a Montessori education, with lifelong benefits, including better academic outcomes, increased levels of social maturity and sensitivity and better executive function. Children learn through movement and experiences within the Montessori highly prepared environment. In  this respectful, peaceful space they can  develop their independence, self-confidence, language skills and their sense of self. Our room is purpose designed and seen as an extension of the home, enticing children to work and engage with the activities and environment, and fulfilling their need for order and repetition. You can find an application form here and your membership form here.

Parent Toddler Program 

In this program you attend with your toddler for two hours once per week. If your child is already over 18 months, it may still be possible to enrol in the program as places regularly become available. Contact Reception to book a tour and observation as your first step.

3 years plus

The Canberra Montessori School Program starts when the child turns 3. If your child is already in PTP they will have priority for placement in the school, and they will be perfectly prepared for a smooth transition to their Cycle 1 classroom once they turn 3.

If your child is already over three, but you would still like to explore a Montessori education, we encourage you to come and visit the school and learn more about what we offer and talk to us about what you’d like for your child. Please contact us to book a tour or observation and our staff can talk to you at the time about what is involved with an admission for older children.

Step 2 ‐ Placement on our Waiting List

Once you’ve observed and toured the school, please return the application and membership forms, and fee (Fee schedule – 2021) to the school office to secure your position on the waiting list. Offers for a place in the school are sent throughout the course of each year as each child turns 3.

Step 3 ‐ Starting in the classroom

Once you have been offered a place and returned all the necessary paperwork, you will be contacted about an orientation session and start date close to your child’s third birthday.