Parents and Friends’ Association

All CMS parents and carers are automatically a member of the Canberra Montessori School Parents and Friends’ Association (“P&F”). There is a Committee elected at the AGM who guide and operate the P&F.

Our P&F is young: our Constitution was ratified in December 2019 with 2020 being our inaugural year. Both the School’s staff and the Board view the P&F as an essential part of the ethos of the School.

There are four Objects that define what we do and can be found in the Constitution, linked below. Overall, we are here to:

– develop, nurture and support connections and relationships amongst Parents, Carers, Relatives and Friends; and

– initiate and promote events, including fundraising activities, to improve our community and School.

Funds raised by the P&F are given back to the School for specific projects benefiting the School and our children.

The P&F Committee meets every second Thursday of the month during school term. Notices of these meetings are posted in the School’s fortnightly newsletter. Parents and carers are welcome to attend any, or all, of the meetings, and are encouraged to assist where possible on projects and fundraising activities.  The Committee also encourages suggestions or ideas from its members.  New members of the Committee are welcomed at our AGM during the election process.

The 2021 Committee members are:

Rael Matthews (CMS Principal)

President – Petrea Simeon (Banksia Mum)

Vice-President – Elena Williams (Casuarina Mum)

Secretary – Eleanor Bettini (Casuarina, Melaleuca and Karri Mum)

Vice-Secretary – Karin Ronning-Meagher (Friend – Karri graduate 2019 Mum)

Treasurer – Lisa Green (Acacia and Ironbark Mum)

Public Officer – Emma Matthews (Casuarina and Ironbark Mum)

Ordinary Member – Emma-Kate Potter (Melaleuca and Karri Mum)

Ordinary Member – Karin Ronning-Meagher (Karri graduate 2019 Mum)

Ordinary Member – Kate Luck (CMS Business Manager)

Ordinary Member – Ina Halsall (Ironbark and Acacia Mum)

The Committee keeps its members updated with P&F developments via the School’s newsletter, the P&F Facebook page, special emails and at our meetings.

All members can contact the Committee via our email

Parents and carers are also encouraged to join our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with events and activities.  There are also some great resources posted for those interested.


Our Constitution

Our Charter

2021 Calendar of events