Parents and Friends’ Association

Canberra Montessori School Parents and Friends’ Association

In 2020 the inaugural Committee of the Canberra Montessori School Parents and Friends’ Association (P&F) began operations.


The objectives of the P&F are to:

  • develop, nurture and support connections and relationships among members of the community; and
  • organise events, including fundraising activities, to improve the School and community.


The P&F is guided by a Constitution and a Charter, which are reviewed annually as part of the Annual General Meeting.


The P&F consists of all parents and carers of students enrolled at the School and members of the wider community who have a genuine interest in supporting the School and the objectives of the P&F. All new parents and carers at the school are automatically members of the P&F. Membership entitles parents and carers to vote in the Annual General Meeting to elect the Committee which guides the P&F, and participating in activities.


Connecting with us

The Committee keeps its members updated with P&F developments via the School’s newsletter, the P&F Facebook page, special emails and at meetings.

All members can contact the Committee via our email

Community members are encouraged to join the P&F Facebook page to keep up-to-date with events and activities. There are also some great resources posted for those interested.

Raising money towards School improvements


Fundraising for the enhancement of the school is a key feature of the P&F. We use activity-based fundraising, such as events, drives, like our annual mango and gingerbread house drives, and rolling fundraising. Rolling projects are live activities that members of the community can access to purchase things of interest to them. This contributes regular amounts to the P&F fundraising account and can be accessed through the links below:

Meetings and events

Two meetings are scheduled each term and are open to all members. In 2024 meetings are held online and are scheduled for Wednesdays in Weeks 2 and 7 of each term at 8-9pm.

The Committee has released a schedule of events for 2024 (Please see school Calendar). This will be updated as events are approved.

2024 Committee Members

President – Anastasia Money West (Parent, Acacia and Melaleuca)

Treasurer – Emma Matthews (Parent, Melaleuca and Karri)

Member – Tomomi Evans (Parent, Redgum and Karri)

2022 AGM Agenda

2022 AGM Nomination and Declaration Form

AGM financial report 2021

CMS P&F income and expenditure 2021

AGM MINUTES CMS Parents and Friends’ Association 22 April 2021

2022 AGM President’s Report

Charter of CMS PF

CMS PF Constitution