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The physical environment, both inside and outside of the classrooms, is very important to the work we do at CMS. The success of the school has much to do with the thoughtful environment that allows our staff and students to achieve their best. Maria Montessori put a great deal of research and thought into how a space could be best designed to enable children to flourish, and the Building Fund is how our community contributes to making the CMS environment the best it can be.

From the creation of the first Master Plan and original buildings surrounding our Casuarina Grove for the Holder Campus, which opened in 2004, to the thoughtful addition of every building since, the families, friends and supporters of Canberra Montessori School have played a valuable role in ensuring that we are able to continually improve and increase the range of Montessori education we can offer to the Canberra community.

All donations to the Building Fund are 100% tax­ deductible and are a way for you to leave a legacy of quality, modern education for the children of Canberra. You can even direct your donation to the areas that you are most passionate about supporting.

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Construction of new classrooms, 2015

Construction of new classrooms, 2015