Montessori & other Educational Qualifications

The level of Montessori qualification expected and required of each staff member will depend on their role in the school. As a school, we recognise that you can have a talent and passion for Montessori without being formally qualified for it, and, indeed, you usually won’t start your qualification journey until your interest has been piqued! As a result, we provide structured support and opportunities for those staff who wish to work with us but don’t have formal Montessori qualifications to acquire them, as well as those with existing qualifications who wish to extend them. In general, the following applies for each type of role at the school:

  • Class Directors
    In addition to the mandatory Teacher Quality Institute (TQI) certification that all our teachers must have, we expect Class Directors to also have full Montessori training.
    Occasionally a Class Director with exceptional potential may be engaged without Montessori qualifications but will, as a priority, be expected to commence training immediately and will be closely mentored and supported by qualified Montessori staff at the school.
  • Class Assistants
    All Assistants must have a Certificate III in Early Childhood and many will also be TQI qualified teachers. Assistants may be qualified in individual Montessori modules (e.g. Music) as part of their pathway to becoming a Class Director in the future. All Assistants will be mentored in Montessori practice.
  • Afterschool care and Holiday program staff
    All childcare staff must have a Certificate III in Early Childhood.  While Montessori qualifications are not formally required, familiarity with the philosophy is and many of our Childcare staff also work as assistants in the classrooms from time to time.
  • Administrative & Leadership staff
    Our Educational leaders will not only be TQI certified teaching professionals, they will also be qualified Montessori educators who may also have further qualifications in areas of their choosing. All non-teaching staff must have a thorough understanding of and support for the Montessori philosophy in action.

For more information on individual staff members, please visit the Our Staff page.