Cycle 3

At around the age of 9, your child will enter the Cycle 3 domain.  Your child looks forwards to taking on more responsibilities than ever before as they head towards being a leader and role model for the whole school. The Directors see children that are developing a deeper confidence in their own views as well as being physically stronger.  Daily practical research is a key feature of the Cycle 3 classroom, so children are able to get the information required for their learning. Following on from this, presentation of their own research is important for this age group as not only are the children happy to share their knowledge, they also have the opportunity to formulate logical thinking in the process. Information technology devices are used as one source of research while use of 3D printing demonstrated endless possibilities to the children at CMS.

Using the Montessori curriculum, we deliver all the content of the Australian National Curriculum in a manner that stirs the child’s interest. Five exciting stories, known as The Great Lessons, are the foundation for the child’s understanding of the presentations needed to fulfil individual learning goals. These include ‘The Coming of the Universe and the Earth’, ‘The Coming of Life’, ‘The Coming of Human Being’, ‘Communication in Signs (language)’ and ‘The Story of Numbers (mathematics)’ and each story leads to more specific study within each area.  This framework makes is easy for children in Cycle 3 display their thirst for knowledge, often requesting and receiving presentations from the Director. The five stories convey the universe and the interrelationships of all the elements within it. The order of the universe becomes obvious to the children as stories are told and facts unfold.

The social order developed in Cycle 2 is now fine-tuned as the children become more peaceful in their developing understanding of society. The ‘Going Out’ practice appeals to the reasoning mind of the child who develops the interest and planning to move out beyond the school environment and explore society.  Please see the gallery below for more information on specific elements of the Cycle 3 classroom.