Our Staff Development Philosophy

Just as we aim to develop our students as ‘life­long learners’, so too do we encourage our staff to continually build and develop their own skills and passions.

Canberra Montessori School has implemented Appretio, a method and system of professional and strategic development, which we use to support staff in their personal and professional learning journeys. We have a focus on reflective practice, peer learning, and whole­-of-­school development; each staff member is expected and encouraged to not only perform well and develop in their own area of responsibility, but also to understand the big picture at the school and contribute to it personally. We encourage all staff to develop their leadership skills and our goal is to help each staff member reach their full potential. With that in mind, we have established onsite mentoring and training at the Holder Campus together with external opportunities which provide a complete suite of professional development support for our staff.