What Our Parents Say

Here’s what some of our parents have put together about ‘Why I love Canberra Montessori’…




Why Parents Value the 3-12 year Program


“When you first come into Montessori Cycle 1 as a parent, it’s a big learning curve to understand the Montessori philosophy.  But after 3 years in Cycle 1, observing what’s happening in higher levels, you can also see how the love of learning diminishes in children if taken out of this environment for a regular school. Once  you’ve seen your child engaged, animated and loving school, you don’t want to take that away from them.” ~Jane Lombard—Cycle 3 parent


“The real value in continuing on to Primary from Cycle 1 for our children has been the opportunity to put the independent learning and social skills they developed in Cycle 1 into deeper practice.  It is simply a delight to see them working with their friends and choosing their tasks, whether that be a science project on non-Newtonian liquids (a.k.a slime) or arranging going-outs to research growing and selling herbs for a micro-business they’ve started. Our eldest is about to graduate and feels confident and excited about high school, thanks to his time in Primary at CMS. ~ Catherine Prosser— Cycle 2/3 parent.


“It is the Primary years where the magic happens! Montessori learning in the Primary years builds on the work done and the foundation created in Cycle 1. The materials developed by Montessori, all complement each other from cycle to cycle, building knowledge in a way that seems effortless and fun for the child.

I was blown away when I realized Conner mastered the Binomial cube, to him a three-dimensional puzzle coded in colour. However, he learned at the preschool age of four/five, that (a + b)³ = (a + b)(a + b)(a + b) = a³+3a²b+3ab²+b³   even though  he just does not know this yet, since the full understanding will not occur to him until he is in Cycle 3.  What other methods of teaching have such strong belief in the power of a child’s mind?  It is play-based learning on steroids!  He is his own teacher, lessons follow him!”  ~ Eleen Binutti — Cycle 2 parent 


“Our oldest son started at CMS at age 3 and was a 2016 Cycle 3 graduate. Now, he is an enthusiastic and engaged 7th grader. We chose the Montessori method because we wanted our boys to experience an education which fostered independent and holistic learning, one that supported them to actively participate in their own learning. Both our boys individually shine in different ways. Our older son is an excellent collaborator. Our younger son loves opportunities to teach what he knows. The multi-age classrooms encourage harmony and community. We think it is a great foundation for a lifetime of learning.” Karin Ronning- Meagher and Kieron Meagher— Cycle 3 parents


Our daughter affirms our decision to invest in her primary education at CMS. Now in her sixth year—her sense of achievement when complex work is mastered after sustained effort; initiating and preparing her first home dinner independently at age seven; her letter writing and meetings with the Principal as a six year old proposing wild ideas that under his and her Director’s guidance became plans and a class experience two terms later; her discovery at home that a measuring cup for baking shows the fractions work she is currently mastering—her curiosity spark and her love for learning is alive.

It is real life for her and through that her sense of self and her work ethic are strengthening. CMS is guiding her to reason her way through the Australian primary curriculum using scientifically developed Montessori methods that work peacefully for a child. Along with the stories we heard from Graduates in her first years at CMS, we now know that post CMS our daughter will transition smoothly and thrive wherever she lands because she is consistently experiencing that she can.  ~Tara Wood—Cycle 2 parent