Cycle 2

On entry to Cycle 2 your child is on a journey of continuum to the end of Cycle 3. The Montessori approach does not change between Cycle 2 and Cycle 3 but there are different expectations of the child at the different ages. As your child nears the end of Cycle 1 you will hear your Director comment on how your child has consolidated their learning after the repeated presentations of their lessons. This consolidation is vital as your child steps up into Cycle 2.  On the physical side, your child is becoming stronger as childhood illnesses are past, adult teeth are growing in and they gain height. On the social and emotional side, appearance is less important to your child and the good manners seen in Cycle 1 take a back seat for the children who are suddenly becoming more extroverted. They want to be with other children and form rules within the group. Once involved in group work, your child has the opportunity to view and begin to understand the contributions and strengths of individuals. Teamwork and the roles within the group are defined as the children divide tasks based on strengths.  All these changes are well understood by our Cycle 2 Directors, and they present the lessons and work with the students accordingly.

History and pre-history are incredibly fascinating to your child at the moment. This interest is the basis for expanding reading and writing skills. The knowledge of the grammar symbols first introduced in Cycle 1 is now used to assist their writing style in Cycle 2. The interconnections between the concepts introduced to your child in their early years allows them to easily build on this previous knowledge. Their interest in history also includes stories such as that of the Ancient Greeks. The focus on what our predecessors discovered leads to exploration of mathematical theorems and concepts.  Cycle 2 is an exciting time for everyone.  Please see the gallery below for more information on specific elements of the Cycle 2 classroom.

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