Community Education

At CMS, we are firm believers that a successful education for each child relies on a strong and trusting partnership between the school and the parents. As part of that, we support our parents, as well as the wider community, by providing a number of education sessions across a range of Montessori and parenting topics. Anybody can attend, and we welcome feedback or suggestions as to what you would like us to include in the program. The sessions fall into 4 main groups:

Montessori Curriculum

Whether it’s language, science, math’s or any other part of the curriculum, we regularly offer parents the opportunity to get hands on and understand how their children are working with these subject areas in the classroom. This includes discussion of what the materials are and why they work as well as how you can support your child to extend their knowledge in the home.

Montessori around the world and in the home

As well as specific school-based sessions, from time to time we will also offer sessions that cover subjects such as any recent studies on Montessori education, how Montessori can be applied to parenting and other situations, the development of children both physically and emotionally, and any other interesting topic we come up with!

Please visit our Community Calendar to see what’s coming up and book your spot now.