CMS Bulletin Week 3 Term 1 2018

News about the start of the year at CMS, professional learning, bridging the gap between home and school, a CMS video and more …

CMS Bulletin Week 3 Term 4 2017

Practical options to help our children journey towards independence and responsibility, happenings in the playground and more…

Message from the Principal

Some practical options to help us focus on the behavioural work occuring at CMS, and the roles we can each play in a child’s journey towards independence and responsibility.

Message from the Principal

Following the child, modelling positive behaviours, the Six Cs of 21st Century Education and more …

CMS Bulletin Week 2 Term 3 2017

Grace and courtesy …free photographic workshop in Cycle 3 … two stories from Cycle 2 students … lost property! and more